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Under Contract!

There’s nothing better than seeing a project you worked on go under contract quickly. We have spent the past few months ramping up our business, buying furniture, accessories, artwork, and cleaning products so we can begin to help people realize their own dream of homeownership.

When we began this journey, we wondered if we could even break into the market in the High Country. It’s a very competitive market and I was concerned that people would not see the value of our services. Dreams are funny that way though. If you manifest your desires, they very often will come true. If you are here, you are probably interested in seeing what we have to offer. Well, this is it. We offer the chance at a quick sale and a new life for you the seller and the buyer. We offer a professional cleaning crew who will sanitize and clean your home with environmentally friendly products. That is the BCS brand.

• Most buyers’ agents (81%) said staging a home made it easier for potential buyers to visualize.

• Professionally staged homes sell for an average of $40,000 over the list price, based on a 2021 market survey.

• Forty-eight percent of sellers’ agents noticed a decrease in the time a staged home spends on the market.

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