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Planting the Seeds

As we ramp up our staging business, we have been working hard to acquire furniture, artwork, and accessories that will one day grace the homes of sellers across the high country. Why would we venture into the staging world? Two years ago we purchased a new home and put our old one on the market. At first we emptied out the home and waited. And waited... and waited for more than three months for an offer. On the advice of our realtor, we decided to add furniture back into the house. I took a few photos and had our realtor update our listing. Within 48 hours, we received two offers and made more than listing price. It taught us a valuable lesson about properly advertising your product, particularly in the world of real estate, and planted the seeds of our new business venture. We discovered that day that we have a talent for cultivating and exciting the imaginations of home buyers and have embarked on a journey to help our neighbors sell their homes for the best price possible. If you need to sell a home, call us for a free estimate on our staging services today! (828)413-0097

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